Boost Your Sender Reputation

Here is How to Boost Your Sender Reputation

Published: February 17, 2022

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Hamna Azam

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Let’s understand the main problem first:

Why emails get into Spam or don’t even reach to recipient?

Email service providers like Gmail and Outlook have mechanisms for identifying your email sending history and activity score. Email spam filters will mark your messages as spam if you use an underused account or the account sending spammy emails in the past. 

Your only chance to leave the Spam zone is if somehow their algorithms learn that you're not spamming anymore.

Email warm up tools such as Pribox help you reach in the priority inbox by sending hundreds & thousands of emails on your behalf, where positive engagement rate is much higher than your Cold Email list. This way Sending Reputation is built with Mailbox Providers.

Other events that have an impact on your email activity:

Bounce rate: 

It's a bad indication for your IP, showing you do not know who your recipients are. This mainly occurs when the email address you want to send an email doesn't exist. Using an email verification provider such as BriteVerify, verifying your list once in three months is essential. 

Spam filters: 

ISPs and Blacklist directories intentionally create email addresses and spread them worldwide through the web. The purpose behind this is to detect spammers. If they receive an email from your IP or domain, you immediately get blacklisted. So this is worth investing some energy and time to ensure you are not adding any random email address to your list.


If you can work on the points mentioned above, your email will consistently land in people's inboxes and not spam (Woohoo!). It is an ongoing process that needs to be followed: follow best practices and get your emails delivered to people's inboxes! 

Happy Emailing!

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