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What do people think of Zendesk?

Published: February 21, 2023

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Wajeeha Hameed

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Keeping up with changing business needs in a disruptive environment isn't easy. Whether you're spearheading a small start up or a large company, integrating full featured technologies and other systems is the way to go.

And this is where all the Zendesk hype comes in.

You've heard plenty about the tool, and now, it's time to use it for your business. But before that, it's integral to understand what the software is capable of and why Zendesk reviews matter so much.

No matter the industry your organization operates in, effectively managing communications with hot leads is integral to business success.

The road from sales to conversion takes time, effort, and a hefty dash of technological assistance delivered by innovative desk software with a scalable user interface.

So, when it comes to choosing one for your beloved brainchild, even small compromises can degrade the overall experience for your employees and customers. To be on the safe side, and select a tool that's truly worth your money, sift through online user reviews.

Ticketing software can have plenty of benefits, given you don't skimp on essential features.

If your company isn't currently using one, or if you're looking for a better alternative, rest assured, making the shift won't feel like jumping into the ocean.

There's plenty of fish in the sea - some more worthy of 'the catch' than others.

The good news is - businesses today can easily gauge the functionality of a specific tool through a quick analysis of its features on the website.

To top it off, you can also look for an industry-specific review by a leading organization deploying the same software. Or better yet, do both to match the capabilities of your employee base with an excellent CRM tool that gets the job done.

Since you're here to figure out whether Zendesk truly deserves your attention, let's dive right in.

What do online reviews say about Zendesk?

Zendesk Suite is a cloud-based CRM company that offers innovative software to help businesses enhance their customer relationships.

Zendesk reviews Zendesk suite

From personalizable tools to impeccable technical support, this help desk management solution makes it easy to create and engage communities online, visualise complex data and track metrics.

Among highly recommended services backed by reliable support agents, Zendesk stands its ground.

The company claims to be built with a clear customer focus in mind which is why many businesses today are putting the system to test.

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Fortunately for those that are yet to try it for themselves, current users love to leave Zendesk Suite reviews. In that, you can know about the good and the bad to find out whether the platform has more pros than cons.

Be it the level of customer care, or the quality of installable apps on Zendesk marketplace - there's a review for just about anything.

For example, Zendesk suite is admired for its user-friendly interface by people across the board. Data fronts are highly scalable in addition to seamless page designs enriched with simplified navigations.

In other words, if scrolling through Facebook feels like a breeze, using the Zendesk dashboard will be a walk in the park. This is a theme throughout online reviews as many indicate how easy it is for their management to adapt to Zendesk.

On average, most review sites give Zendesk over 4 out of 5 stars. And as far as numbers go, that's pretty convincing.

Top Zendesk features that make it a game changer

zendesk top features

Easy integrations

Companies eager to extend greater technical ability to their employees cannot do without CRM software that enables easy integrations.

With Zendesk, building connection between different apps has never been easier. ClickUp, GeckoBoard, Google Analytics - you name it!

Over 1000 app integrations are possible. You can easily integrate any tool by adjusting the settings through your dashboard.

As a result, team-level efficiency goes up while room for improving each customer contact expands.

Inbuilt analytics

Want to know what the number of tickets generated is telling you? Management needs to answer key questions and that's not possible without the right kind of data.

Zendesk's inbuilt analytics dashboard provides ample insight into the tickets created by customers at a corresponding point of contact.

Zendesk reports adjust to custom metrics and represent a clear picture of what your organization should be focusing on. The more support staff your company uses, the greater the need for prebuilt analytics.

Reliable support agents

One of the most underrated advantages of Zendesk Suite is its impeccable technical support. No matter how diligent and technically equipped your staff may be, every business needs great online support to lean back on.

So, even in the worst-case scenario, when your site starts glitching, tickets are piling up, and you're unable to answer customer queries, you'll have Zendesk professionals in your corner.

Customer satisfaction ratings

Let's say your Zendesk support emails receive around a hundred messages each day. And one thing's for sure, your ability to cater to them is closely tied to the health of your business's bottom line.

After all, you must nurture your community through integrated services that capture the context of client communication to improve overall operations.

Ask yourself this:

- Are employees providing proper support?

- Is there a notable pattern your company should be wary of?

- Are most tickets triggered due to the same reason?

With Zendesk, you get customer satisfaction ratings that allow managers to identify holes in the system.

By gauging the CSAT score, you can offer quality advice to your support team, formulate better ways to respond and increase the likeliness of a repeat purchase by converting leads.

Self-service customer portal

Having a phone system is great. But why limit yourself to just that? Take it up a notch with Zendesk's self-service customer portal that allows your users to troubleshoot general problems on their own.

One of the major benefits of this nifty feature is increased client satisfaction and employee productivity.

When your support agents don't have to deal with non-critical issues, they can focus on fixing high-priority complications instead!

Zendesk pricing and plans

Zendesk pricing

Not all good things in life are cheap and that's something Zendesk users are already aware of. The all-inclusive platform offers unmatched scalability for businesses of all sizes, and hence, you can choose from four different pricing plans.

Suite Team

Priced at $49 per month, the package has basic features suited for emerging businesses. But this is where it gets tricky - subscribers of this plan pay less but they don't have access to a customer service portal.

Suite Growth

Priced at $79 per month, Suite Growth offers an upgrade with 7 extra features like customer satisfaction ratings, multiple ticket forms, self-service portal, and business hours - all of which combine to enhance flexibility.

Suite Professional

Priced at $99, Suite Professional adds 13 more features the to mix compared to the basic plan. The highlight of this package is its HIPPA compliance which is necesarry for businesses operations tied to to the medical sector.

Suite Enterprise

Priced at $150, Suite Enterprise hits the sweet spot with a whopping 29 features that allow large companies to retain tight control over the the quality of their customer relationships.

A solid reason to go all out with this is its 'AI powered content cues' feature. By prioritising tickets according to context, you can serve critical requests before moving onto others.

The Verdict

Is Zendesk Suite worth it? The short answer is YES.

Building portals to integrate customer service functions is incredibly seamless, whereas, security and support team features are equally admirable.

Not to mention, you can tap into a diverse knowledge base that's ideal for beginners and professionals alike.

To corroborate, online reviews suggest Zendesk is right on the money but before you make the purchase, don't forget about reaching more customers first.

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