• Domain Registered?

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  • Mailbox Name Added?

  • Email Address Configured with Email Client?

  • DNS Tools Configured?

  • Domain Blacklist?

  • Email Domain Warmed-up?

  • Check your domain reputation score

  • Target Audience Decided?

  • Compiling Email Lists of Prospects

  • Validating Email Addresses

  • Email Copy (using tools to write copies)

  • Avoiding Spam Words

  • Email Sequence

  • Cold Email Software

  • Tracking Email Analytics

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Domain Registered?

To get a custom email domain for emails to be sent from, a custom domain is needed. A domain is a unique identifier for your company. A domain (or a custom domain) has to be registered with either an email provider or domain registrar. Every mailbox has a mailbox name and a domain in the format: [email protected]

Have you registered for a domain?